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After  Hearts On Fire® introduced it's round diamond, the next task at hand was to bring a fancy shape into the market without rival. It took over two years and thirty different models to design, develop and create the first Dream® diamond. There are multiple patents on this unique diamond.

Many square (princess) cut diamonds have bottom angles that are considerably steeper than necessary, yielding much heavier diamonds that "leak" considerable amounts of light. The top angles of these diamonds are typically far too shallow to permit either adequate fire or scintillation.

Dream® Diamonds

Historically, all square (princess) cut diamonds were cut for weight. The Dream® by Hearts On Fire® is comparable in proportions and performance to only the very best round diamonds. The bottom facets of the Dream® are designed to precisely match those of a triple zero ideal cut round  Hearts On Fire® diamond. The top facets are specifically designed to provide the highest degree of contrast between all facets, which guarantees optimum sparkle.


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