Meet Willy from Blancpain

Meet Willy from Blancpain

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I found this photo from a few years back. I have the black coat…

This is Willy… He retired I believe, but he was a top watchmaker for Blancpain. I loved hanging out with him when possible. The photo was taken in Basel at the Blancpain booth where I had an appointment. Willy is one of the watchmakers that Bp put in the booth to explain what they were working on at the time. 

I noticed that he was wearing a Blacpain Equation Marchante or the Marching Equation of Time. The watch is a Perpetual Calendar with an extra hand to show the deviation of the true solar day. Anyway, I was lucky enough to have one of the 50 platinum pieces made in the LeBrassus case. 

I said, “We have the same watch on!”

I took mine off and it was number 3. 

Willy took his off and it was number……. 000 prototype!!!

He made the watch and I have this wonderful picture to remember the moment.

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